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The Yank Barry Vision

March 21, 2017
A great many people who see the terrible conditions under which many people around the world are subjected to, they wish they could help, but they are not usually in a position to do so. Yank Barry feels that he is lucky to be in a position to help, which is largely why he does. While some rich philanthropists see poverty and are satisfied with writing a check or sending some grant money to a charity and leaving it at that, Yank Barry doesn’t seem able to do so. Instead, he does a lot of the work himself.

Yank Barry tends to like to work closely with local agencies and NGOs to help people anywhere he can, including politically unstable areas where few others will even attempt to go. That includes helping refugees in war torn areas rebuild their lives. His humanitarian efforts are unique and special and they work. That is why Yank Barry has received numerous awards and accolades from all corners of the world, including India, Côte D'Ivoire, the Bahamas and Mexico. He’s also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times so far and why he and his wife Yvette Barry received the Childhelp International Achievement Award last year.